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A horror game about claustrophobia.

During a storm your service dog is forced down a broken sewer drain. You find the nearest sewer entrance and run in after it.

Along the way you will meet others that are also stricken by abnormal or psychological fear. You may be able to help them, just as you may be able to free yourself, but just as likely, they and you may be beyond help.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(112 total ratings)
Tags3D, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), psychological


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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More like drowning in cum


I still can't wait to play this version in entirety, make games available on the mobile format, the android space is PURE suck, and needs solid Retro/Last Generation feeling games that honestly just needs a permanent afterlife on android.


I really want to play this game but I'm having perfomance issues. The game runs in 10-20 fps


Alot of devs don't reply because its clout chasing or whatever, streamer knee session junkies, but if they got off that, they don't realize, for instance, this developer, I like their stuff, I'd rep them if platforms become more open and varied, and open to fresh advertisers rather than face circles in a corner and semi deep voices and colored hair.

Hell, even foreign countries are privileged and get localization teams just for them and their needs, demands, "requests", spoiled as shit, no real complaints either. But talk about the mobile space, or ANYTHING outside of PC and POPULAR BRANDED "Consoles", they send you to hell itself or toss you in solitary and throw away the key socially.

Corporate Communism, or Socialist Consumerism.

It's gotten bad, very bad.


Hope you get that issue resolved, platforms like PC should have ZERO problems no matter the brand or cost on basic performance including gaming, but the pyramid scheme goes strong, and devs follow trends, they hate to be tech support but all want to be praised as technical, as if people wouldn't help them create art in a heartbeat if they asked.


Your best bet is turning down various graphics settings til its fine.


this is one of my favorite horror games all time

Would love a Nintendo Switch or Mac version. Hell, even on Playstation would be great! I just want to be able to play this in a stable way and give it the proper attention it deserves.


What's this next update?

I opened the white door and then a new game started (It wasn't supposed to be)

What to do?


Played this game very early in my YouTube life, this game has to be in my top 3. There is a sort of nostalgia about this game.

To elaborate more, the sense of dread while playing this game and continuing to wander further and further into the abyss is such a horrifying feeling. 

The multiple endings also piqued my interest as I like games that do not have one set linear path to take. The secrets and extras were also a lot of fun. Though midnight mode was tricky, I'd love one day to attempt it again!

Thank you for making such a masterpiece of a game :) 

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How can I enter into Midnight mode? at 0:00 instead of the midnight mode, game launches the final level with a good ending

P.S. sorry for my bad english


hello. I really love this game. I would really like to translate it into russian. Can you tell me how to do this?

Part One of the playthrough! This is a awesome as heck horror game! It gives me resident evil vibes and I'm glad we can actually fight back!!! I can't wait to finish it because I already see a few big twists that could happen!  

Truly amazing and outstanding horror game. Atmosphere is unique and well done, there are so many fresh and creepy moments that are really unique that it's a must play for all horror fans. Included tape #2 edit in my video showing a bit of the crazy horrors lurking inside this great project.

Just finished this game, and I gotta say, this is one of the best games I've played. The setting is horrifying, dreary, and is steeped in hatred. Enjoyed the whole experience.

Saw someone play this exact game, keep up the good work!

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I constantly hear this referenced as one of the best horror titles in recent years but have no way to play it. Please bring this to consoles - it’s not too late! There are many people like me who want to play this but don’t have PCs! 


One of my favorite horror games, and not just because you're braving all this scary stuff for your beloved dog! Reminds me of classic SH.


One of best horror titels for decade. I personally love this game. Just a love letter from SH-like games and good mindscrew is added.


Waited years to play this game and finally did it. It's so stylish and disorienting just like Silent Hill!

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I adore this game, everything about it is wonderful. Massive silent hill vibes and the psychological creepiness is crazy. I don't even know what's happening but I'm terrified and I love it


I played this game a long time ago, and I made an account on here just to leave a comment.
This is hands down one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. This game singlehandedly gave me an interest in horror games, after seeing how good and how scary a game can really be without resorting to jump scares.
You did such a great job of keeping me right in the sweet spot of very scared without killing my motivation to press on.

I've been waiting ages to play this through a second time. I'm making myself wait a long time first though so I'll have forgotten enough about it to feel like it's a first playthrough again!!!

I still haven't found Jasper and I just keep going deeper and deeper into this...lovely place. I really need some help, these slugs aren't doing anything for me. I can't even hear Jasper barking anymore. I'm really sad and I want a snack.

Hey guys, I'm still stuck in this sewer looking for my dog, Jasper. There's lots of monsters and abominations down here but they're not very helpful and I think they'd rather eat Jasper than help him find his way back. So if you guys could help me out that would be really great, thanks!

also subscribe to the channel.

Hey if you guys could help me out, I lost my dog in the sewer and I'm tryin to get him back. His name is Jasper, maybe you could watch the video and see if you can figure out where he is so I can get him. THaanksss...also Subscribe to the channel!!!!

I hate Sotiris...


Not sure what's going on here, but for whatever reason there's no audio playback when starting the campaign. Start up and menu music works just fine, however, nothing else after that. Thoughts?

Could you please put the itch version on sale like the Steam.

No Commentary :)

I took my corgi for a walk. Nothing bad happened.

I bought the game on steam. Can you add mod support?


This game is horrifying in all the best possible ways. I have played quite a lot of horror games but none capture the genuine fear that this one does. Please play this. Play it blind, it's super well made and I appreciate everything it gives.

Hello, I'm having issues playing the game with audio. Everytime I start it up the menus have audio but no actual gameplay has audio. It's just me silently walking a corgie...

The steam forums say if I download an earlier version it should be fine, but none are available. Pls help.

It's actually an issue in newest version as well (in fact Steam version is 3.0.2 currently so the same as the one on itch). It seems to be a bug with a sound volume actually being either null or 0 (depending on how it was written) and menu not reflecting it properly. All you need to do is change the volume in menu to any other value than it currently shows, which I assume runs events with setting new volume value. That will sort the issue (or at least it should).

If you're still having audio issues, just go to settings and adjust the volume either direction. It's a strange fix, but it worked for me.




Not sure if you wanna try wine hq, that's how it worked for me on mac and linux. 

Do you have an older version of the game? I can't get wine hq to work on the latest version.

same here, not had any luck. I can get the game to open sure but it'll glitch out and exit before long amongst a myriad of other issues.i'm wondering what sorts of difficulties there are in releasing a mac build or port? wine is particularly unstable these days also since the upgrade to 64-bit os.

yeah honestly i'm probably just gonna invest in a windows computer just for gaming lol, especially since the 64-bit upgrade because i can't run most of my games anymore


Corporate arm twisting through devs, I been knowing that game.

Great game !!!

Here's another video of The Way Out! Definitely my favorite of the two Mersus Tapes. Loved the variety of environments! Here's my playthrough:

It's been a while since I've played this game, but I loved it so much I just HAD to try the Mersus Tapes! Here's my playthrough of The Wolf:

This game is incredible! Thank you, Kira. I had a great time playing the game and will definitely revisit it in the future. There was a minor bug in the research facility that produced an on-screen "UnityEngine" error. I have sent an e-mail with more information to your Gmail address. Looking forward to enjoying your other projects!

I LOVE this game, it really gives me the creeps. I really love the sound design, because of that you're 1001% into the game. I can't wait to finish it (I hope I can, because those creatures really make me on edge!).
I made a little video about it. 

Thank you for this game Kira!

I've owned this game since donating to the kickstarter, never got around to playing it. I finally did on stream, and wow! I'm impressed. Very tense, very fun. I'm going to find my pooper!

Brought this game at steam. Now i have more nightmares to enjoy. Love that! Thank You for your great work!


Great game ! Some ideas in there (espescially with, for example the apple ) are amazing in themselves, but with the sounds, the visuals, and the atmosphere, makes for a really unique game  * u * )

I'm not sure weither you made it all by yourself or with a very, very small team, but either way congrats, that's an impressive thing to make !

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