Patch 3.0.1

Here is the list of bug fixes

Shoggoth not noticing the player.

Controller support in Tape 6.

Hole in geometry around Tape 6 ladder.

Motion blur not turning off.

Gamma not resetting and staying 0 - (This [i]should[/i] be fixed as I've made the reset trigger more sensitive and happen more often, but it also should not have happened in the first place)

Mersus Tape enemies added to the gallery of light.

New game plus subtracting on early in-game death.


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Oct 18, 2019

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Hey Kira,

I just downloaded the update, but still a black screen with some ambient sounds. 
When I move the arrow keys I can hear a menu clicking, the game hasn't crashed. So it must be the thing you mentioned (gamma being at zero)...

I also runned the game as an admin, but so far no results...

Is there anything I can do for you to troubleshoot?