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There was a flash of light, a choir of glass, and the sound of sirens approaching. Then for what seemed like eternity, a black hollow void. Suddenly you found yourself within a new plane. Dead trees and fog is all that surrounds you. You hear no birds or signs of life, but strange cackles and moans sound from the distance. And then you notice out of the corner of your eye you may not be alone here.

Made in 48 hours for Haunted PS1's  Wretched Weekend Game Jam.

Best played with a controller, Unity 2019's mouse look is wack.


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I got goosebumps playing this, and that's hard to get from most other horror media. A++

This game had a spooky atmosphere but was extremely random and weird at times Lol 

But despite that it was a fun game to play and I got the 2nd ending the first time I played it, I guess it was the good ending then XD

I made a 3 Scary Games video and your game is the third one in the video. I really enjoyed playing it :) 

Here is the video link if ya'll want to check it for yourselves.

Consider leaving a like on the video if you enjoyed it and quite possibly subscribe to the channel too

A share of the video would also be much appreciated :)


This was very interesting and spooky, had to get those two endings haha included it into my three spooky games series thanks! 

An interesting game. Had fun testing it. We got both endings.

KIRA I love all of the projects you share with us!

No Commentary 


I absolutely LOVED this game, it is really a horror gem ! Here is my full playthrough of it. Please like, share and subscribe :D 


The atmosphere in this game is unbelievable! I absolutely love it. I got alien and Silent Hill vibes from it.

It was okay

Awesome game. The atmosphere is perfect and constantly reminded me of Silent Hill. Great sound design. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I do daily videos for all of October.


for me the game is not "spooky" enough. I don't know if the devs were aiming for the game to be spooky or creepy but while I was playing the game, there are a lot of question that pops in my mind. so I am confused. I feel like I'm all over the place while playing. but, there are some good jumpscares in the game. good game! 

p.s game starts at 5:11

Love the odd creature designs and atmosphere!!

The atmostshephere in this game make go ALL WEIRD!! I like the style and how the mechanic work. I hope you continue making games!!!


-Made a Video.

Enjoyed this thoroughly 馃憤 also managed to make me legit uncomfortable 馃槀 

A really creepy and bizarre game with a really great atmosphere, especially with the voices emanating from underground.The foggy layout in the game feels very much like something that would come out of silent hill and does make you wonder if something is following you, overall an interesting and strange experience .

Nice atmosphere, was turning to see if something is on my back :D


Such a beautiful game, when I first laid eyes on the previews on this game, I had to try it out. The art design in the game is beautiful and the story is deep.

I hope others try this game out but before that, please check out the gameplay.


The atmosphere is really creepy and haunting. Really had fun with this one (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video)


Very good game! Did not expect that ending, lol. Creepy atmosphere and scary moments. Thank you for making this game, really good. 

Here's my Let's Play of the game. 2 Scary Games! Hope you guys enjoy this experience as much as I did! 

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

I loved the weird enviroment that you were walking around in, it gave a very eerie feeling the entire time I was there.

Great experience, I really enjoyed my time with this game!

A different experience, very good atmosphere, and I really enjoyed the game

This is  a solid little experience, and I was unnerved a couple of times, which is pretty good going.
The sound and model designs are fantastic
Look forward to more

Really had a good time with this! You nailed the atmosphere and I'm so glad you made effective use of the mist and how it obscures vision, also peppering interesting things throughout that encouraged looking and exploring. Loved that you were able to make a relatively small space still feel like a vast empty expanse.  Not sure what to make of the different endings being tied to collecting but I know there isn't a lot of time for these. Genuinely good job and good luck with future games! I played around 45:21.

The feel of this game was incredible. I genuinely enjoyed every second of it and went back in to get both endings. I also love how every time I loaded it up, it seemed to be a different experience. Great work Kira! 

Had a  good time. the mist was pretty spooky   and the sounds were very ominous  . pretty confused as the story was going but i understand that this was made  in only 48 hours. overall it was an enjoyable experience, definitely gonna check out some of your other work

Very nice. Some creepy stuff out there in the mist.

Hi, very good game this is my gameplay in Spanish :)

Holy Cow! A new game from Kira!? I fell in love with your work back with Spooky's, and loved Vivo even more- I gotta play this! Albeit I'm gonna need to get my hands on a windows computer first

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One of the best atmosphere I've ever experienced in a horror game, it's too powerful... Love it!

The navigational mechanics is great, just wished I could understand the lore or what is happening a bit better, but it was probably my own fault more than anything else. I had to replay the game to get both endings just to learn more. Great effort for 48 hours of dev!!! Check out my play through below.

Really a great example of how to make a properly spooky atmosphere. It left me asking so many questions about the world and the entities within it and had so much to see I found myself finding new things each time I roamed the landscape.

great atmosphere. I loved the sounds used as well, really fit the entire game. I just wish I saw the thing in the sky from the game's screenshots xD

pra quem quiser ver o jogo em portugu锚s:

weird & cool! 8th game in video, timecode 34:13

Managed to get both endings and enjoyed all the random monsters that made the whole atmosphere very mysterious and creepy.

Well done!

Last game in this video:

Perfect, I loved having 2 endings as well!

Game was pretty alright, i enjoyed reading the texts, cant believe the demon chicken got me though ahha

This game is so good! The atmosphere created this tension and dread which I see a whole lot in your games and I have to say you did a great job as expected from you! 

Great one, hope the next one be a FPS ps1 game
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