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There was a flash of light, a choir of glass, and the sound of sirens approaching. Then for what seemed like eternity, a black hollow void. Suddenly you found yourself within a new plane. Dead trees and fog is all that surrounds you. You hear no birds or signs of life, but strange cackles and moans sound from the distance. And then you notice out of the corner of your eye you may not be alone here.

Made in 48 hours for Haunted PS1's  Wretched Weekend Game Jam.

Best played with a controller, Unity 2019's mouse look is wack.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(100 total ratings)
TagsHorror, kira, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror


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Great atmosphere, environment, world. Loved my time in this space!

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really cool experience. i enjoyed the atmosphere and the mystery a lot. also reminded me alot of edgar alan poe, and even shakespeare. 

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Based on the evidence the cover provides, you could be the victim of a car accident in the afterlife, And you could be playing the role of your own judgement in the afterlife, making peace with yourself (questionable, as it's implied you are that beast and daffodils are gathered before encountering the human like figure) as there is not shotgun usage in the second ending, or you annihilate yourself, which on the screen that shows blood indicates a shot from behind you on the screen, indicating what the demon wants, a form of sending yourself to hell, the destruction of your own soul.

The whole experience is like a judgement of choice based on what you do, as many dead things were there, it may even be symbolism of life in a place surrounded by death, indicating you choose life and continue living instead of giving into the "beast" that ironically was coming from outside, and those screens.

You may even be in limbo and not dead at all, and only die when you kill your doppelganger of sorts.

Ending 1 & 2 are similar, but the difference is, the shotgun is only used in one of them. Likely a demonic entity was convincing you to end what could be interpreted as yourself, or another entity. The game is open to interpretation and I won't go into explaining what is understandable by anyone. The graphics were crisp af and I reccomend it definitely

This was a fun little experience, I had no idea what to expect! The sound scape was awesome, I loved the retro style graphics and the feeling. It was like purgatory the game, very tense! Great job.

Im honestly a big fan of all your games. Since playing Lost in Vivo you've become one of my favorite indie devs :) This game was a tad confusing (story wise) but I pieced together my interpretation of it. Love creepy and strange walking sims! I enjoyed the game overall.


Second game in the video; my girlfriend enjoys your works!

Amazing Game!

Thank for this game !

One of the most frightening ps1-styled horror games i've ever played. The hollow, deserted atmosphere made me shiver with every step. Good thing there was no jumpscares. You are an artist K陌RA!

Found a bug. On the cliff right side of the whale, you can fall off the map forever. 

Cosmic horror ftw!!  Loud Annihilation vibes here, very creepy!  

Great game, the creatures were my favorite part. I don't know if I understood the ending (He or I die if I do or don't collect the flowers) but I don't think a meaning's necessary :) Thanks for the game!

It is tough to pull off a atmospheric horror game with the ps1 style graphics and you guys made it look easy. Definitely a must play.

Nice game! Love the old style ps1 graphics, keep up the good work!

Love the ambience and the creatures that roam the area but don't show themselves completely. Hiding the rest of them in the fog. Great experience and thank you for making this! 1st game.


i played a game like this in armor games but way more longer and a lot of puzzles and items etc and he was in a sort of hell

I loved this one Kira! I really barely could exit after both endings. I just really wished player much more this one. I really appreciated your good taste for atmosphere, like a Purgatory and I loved sound effects, I really enjoyed our character. Awesome game, I will keep my eye in your games. Congratulations.

Undying Beast lying on 3rd part

Very good, gave me the creeps. I also took a look at Corpse Ocean which was also great.

I can't seem to find a difference between the two endings. Is one a gun shot and the other is you being put to rest?

this game made me feel things...

Comments below clip;

Running around in an eerie void, trekking from 1 computer screen to the next, while surrounded by nothing but dead trees and the occasional daffodil, a lot goes on around and above you. I only went for one ending. Be sure to visit Ryan J's clip @
to know both.

A beautiful game in which the desolate landscape carries a lot of the story without being so in your face. It was an honor to play. Hat tip  to KIRA, especially because this game was made in only 48 hours. It looks like it took 48 days. Well done and a highly recommended game to play.

Interesting game! Has a unique story and quite a lot of scares..

I've had lots of fun playing it. The only thing that bothers me about this game is that the last computer's text goes by too quick and is hard to read in time, but other than that it's incredible! :)

This game absolutely wrecked me! Didn't quite understand the endings, but a great game to play, nonetheless. Thank you!

I don't know how you do it, Kira, but I feel like every game you make is a thoughtful masterpiece in and of itself.

cool dream (or nightmare) like atmosphere

I got goosebumps playing this, and that's hard to get from most other horror media. A++

This game had a spooky atmosphere but was extremely random and weird at times Lol 

But despite that it was a fun game to play and I got the 2nd ending the first time I played it, I guess it was the good ending then XD

I made a 3 Scary Games video and your game is the third one in the video. I really enjoyed playing it :) 

Here is the video link if ya'll want to check it for yourselves.

Consider leaving a like on the video if you enjoyed it and quite possibly subscribe to the channel too

A share of the video would also be much appreciated :)


This was very interesting and spooky, had to get those two endings haha included it into my three spooky games series thanks! 

An interesting game. Had fun testing it. We got both endings.

KIRA I love all of the projects you share with us!

No Commentary 


I absolutely LOVED this game, it is really a horror gem ! Here is my full playthrough of it. Please like, share and subscribe :D 


The atmosphere in this game is unbelievable! I absolutely love it. I got alien and Silent Hill vibes from it.

It was okay

Awesome game. The atmosphere is perfect and constantly reminded me of Silent Hill. Great sound design. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I do daily videos for all of October.

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