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Really a great example of how to make a properly spooky atmosphere. It left me asking so many questions about the world and the entities within it and had so much to see I found myself finding new things each time I roamed the landscape.

great atmosphere. I loved the sounds used as well, really fit the entire game. I just wish I saw the thing in the sky from the game's screenshots xD

pra quem quiser ver o jogo em português:

weird & cool! 8th game in video, timecode 34:13

Managed to get both endings and enjoyed all the random monsters that made the whole atmosphere very mysterious and creepy.

Well done!

Last game in this video:

Perfect, I loved having 2 endings as well!

Game was pretty alright, i enjoyed reading the texts, cant believe the demon chicken got me though ahha

This game is so good! The atmosphere created this tension and dread which I see a whole lot in your games and I have to say you did a great job as expected from you! 

Great one, hope the next one be a FPS ps1 game

I played this game second on my 3 Scary Games this Time around. This was really an interesting experience. The atmosphere and sound design are top notch in this game, and the visuals are effectively creepy, one of the best games I've played for this jam so far.

Far from what I was expecting but a cool game nonetheless.  Cheers! >>> I was lost in the void. Cool game! Keep making more! 

I got goosebumps! Nice work.

Really interesting game

No more updates???

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the 1st game there):


1. The ambiance that you have created is very spooky! I really like the fog and some things or spooks that you could find upon wandering.

2. The sound design is magnificent! Random roars or noises are very frightening. I got really anxious several times! Well done!

3. The concept is pretty neat. I like that you need to follow the light and read the text on the computers. Also, this whole flower thingy is a pretty smart distraction that gives the game replay-ability. Also, it's much scarier looking for flowers than following the lights.

Disadvantages (points for developing):

1. The story didn't really make sens for me. I didn't understand at all what happened at the end. Maybe I'm just stupid or paid not enough attention though. Or maybe that's because I went to the 2d end missing the 1st one...

2. I wish there were more spooks. There were lots of possibility for nice spooks. For example, if the dark silhouette would follow you more frequently making scary noises - that would be awesome.

3. Personally, the map seemed a bit empty. Maybe more trees would help or making it a bit smaller. But that's a minor flaw.


I greatly enjoyed playing this! For a game made in 48 hours - that's impressive! Though the story might have been explained a bit more clear or at least explained after the end screen.

Hope my feedback was useful!

i got kind of distracted by dafodills. But love the game. 


I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!

Hi, I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 4th game I played!

I really enjoyed my time with the game, I got both endings and thought it was the perfect length for a jam game!
I've been a fan of you work since the excellent Lost In Vivo, and I've got to say, even though you're just wondering around a void plane, this game creeped me out several times!
Keep up the great work!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):

After the latest one, no more updates, for sure?

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Great little game! Enjoyed it a lot, got me jumpy and tense! I also got both endings and tried to analyze it, first game in the video above!

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I had a lot of fun playing this game! I personally really like PS1-style games and I think this game had a really good feeling for that! Very well done! I did notice that the mouse sensitivity was pretty high, so I decided to turn it up even more and play this game with my mouse sensitivity on 16.000 DPI.

Great atmosphere and beautifully textured models. You did a good job of having traversing the mist not feel like a chore, which I think was partially due to its restrained size and mostly due to actually having an indication as to the destination. I felt motivated to get all the collectibles, which is normally something in games that I have no desire to do. Great job!

This is just fantastic. I get the sense that multiple meanings can be derived from this. Everything about this is great, from the graphical style to the audio. I can expect nothing less from one of my favorite devs!

Didn't understand it at all but it was a great little experimental horror! 

Really loved the whole atmosphere and especially the sound design of this game. Definitely made me jump on a couple occasions! haha

Awesome experience!! Keep up the great work.

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Very strange and unnerving and that's exactly what I like! Got both endings so I was happy about that! Starts at 7:53!

Really cool game. The randomness actually makes it interesting the second run through. 

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

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No updates are planned, it is considered complete.

This was just oozing creepiness throughout, from the amazing atmosphere to the random events that occured. I'm glad I went back and got all the dandelions. 

I loved the atmosphere and feel of this game, along with the surprise appearances and questions that I had after finding both endings. Great job! 

Made a video

Great environment, deliciously eerie atmosphere. Also, the sound design was awesome!

Thanks! I'll relay the sound design praise over to Jarren.

this was a very interesting game i was able to get both endings!! But I was wonder what about the graveyard I felt like something happens there? This is the first time playing one of your games!

Thanks for playing! I just put a reversed sound file in the center of the graveyard, it's not really important.

I really enjoyed The Undying Beast, well done Kira!


My thoughts from this would be that I myself am the beast, I find myself at the end there and that whatever I do to others, those actions of mine only harm me in the end. Since there were dead animals with wounds, I'd assume they were killed, not just dead from natural causes, then I'd think that the game might imply that humanity is the undying beast. I'm not sure if the game shows any evidence to support whether this is about one person or just humans in general, I still like that it is left for interpretation or more playthroughs to uncover the story here.

I played 3 times, I saw a lot of new things on my 2nd play and even more on the 3rd, and I managed to get the 2nd ending on the third go and it makes me wonder what that means, since the grave is open but the flower is already growing there, maybe that's the ending where I actually don't "accept death" like it said in the menu. Or someone dug me out.

I might be completely wrong about any of this but I wanted to share my thoughts since games from Kira always have something hidden deeper in them.

Gave me a little spook with that horsie, otherwise, confusing, as to be expected from you (A bit)

so good

Awesome game it was really entertaining

Your games are a treasure

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