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Really Beautiful atmospheric walking experiment, I hope to play these types of games soon. I wished if the game was longer.

Made a gameplay video 

Don't mind the title

Interesting , Cinematic & Creepy walking sim. and great storytelling.

I found the Black Sphere on the white horizon. Any chance we can learn what the audio is from?

loved the style of the game and the dante influence on it, very interesting and creative :)

A very Surreal neat experience well done KIRA. 

Artistico e interesante 👍

Y           E            S

Very Beautiful n Interesting Experience.

I wonder how the endless terrain is made, pretty cool. 

incredible storytelling, scary atmosphere and generally a great game

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A small review:

Beautiful walking simulator.

Congratulations on the artistic section, it looks impressive!

I like it a lot and it seems very professional to me how the opening of the game is made and the transition when you hit the Start button. By the way I think the Start button is always "selected" because it doesn't change the animation.

Within the gameplay, it seems to me that the clouds are very well achieved, although sometimes a certain popping is noticeable.

When the two towers spawn, I would make them much slower for two reasons:

- The player may not be looking at the moment

- It takes a long time to arrive.

Being an experimental game you could test the idea that the towers appear as the player gets closer, that is, interpolate the height of the towers with the distance from the player.

<Inanis Homo Spectas>

I went in looking for a short game with an interesting plot and I found it! As far as walking simulators go, I found it to be pretty entertaining!

This was absolutely gorgeous! I loved the story elements as well as the cheeky meta flavor to some of the observations. The first apparition really left an impression on me.

At first I didn't think this game would have a story to it. I just thought it was a very basic walking sim but I am so glad I checked it out. This game was beautiful and mysterious and was one of my favorite simple ones. Can't wait for more work by you.

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this was a wonderfully haunting experience; I felt I could've walked around in that place for hours, staring into the sky.

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I can only join the other comments, such a beautiful walking simulator! I love it!

love it thank you 


Beautiful atmospheric walking simulator!


Divine comedy reference? Really cool! 


I searched his name on wikipedia. He is actual poet of Dante's divine comedy. I am gladly I was going into my curiosity for historical literature. Great work, developer! 

Monument to Dante in Trento Italy 

What an interesting concept, the atmosphere and the style really appeal to me. Can we expect more?

Really awesome!

how is this not on top of itch io?

it's in top-100 if you sort by popularity


Interesting idea, a couple of little things - if the main character has no body, then why do we hear his footsteps or see his head shaking?

This is very stunning. It even made me feel "religious" in a certain way. The feeling of roaming life after death on a plain of sadness and lost hope, is just phenomenal in this short experience. Wonderful.


The graphics are just phenomenal, I've never seen such a mesmerizing sky in a video game. Well done


Made a video

really cool

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