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A short e̶x̶p̶e̶r̶i̶m̶e̶n̶t̶a̶l̶ walking simulator.

Made mostly as a fun graphics test.

Hot searing pain gives way to intense flashes of red and black. Falling through a sea of blood surrounded by the howling voices of the past, you begin to panic. Then suddenly you hit something, hard but painless, and your vision blurs and fades. Hours, or days pass until you awaken somewhere strange…

Uses typical FPS Controls, along with controller support.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(86 total ratings)


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Amazing. I hope you have plans to make this a full game, i'd kickstart it.

I ve loved the concept and the music congratulations!, may i ask please how have you made the Sky look so beautiful?

Im a simple man, this is really all i need from a game

Graphics, writing, sound, music - all amazingly atmospheric
Love it!

Really Beautiful atmospheric walking experiment, I hope to play these types of games soon. I wished if the game was longer.

Made a gameplay video 

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i havent even played it

Loved this. Wish there was more like it.

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Really good experience. The scale felt very real despite the low graphical fidelity, and it for some reason, it really resonated with me. Needs a credits button maybe, since playing through is the same each time.

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but... what is the black sphere audio? why put something like this in game

again, really cool experience.

LOVE the surreal atmosphere in your games! :)

berried delight 👍

hi the game was  simple and fun ,great work i made new game (bvb-guess ) too if want check my game and tell any bug or new things that i can add to it ,thank you

it's a masterpiece! I never saw something like this before!


You proved that even with a basic FPS movement as a mechanic a lot can be achieved with music and good use of colors. Wonderful!

Really cool. Could you provide any insights on how you achieved the look and atmosphere? (From a technical aspect).


Very cool. especially loved the music and the forest of clouds. the font and narration style made me think of those old silent horror movies like vampyr. very nice work. 


I feel like this could have been, at least slightly, inspired by Gustave Diore's illustrations of Dante's Inferno. Love the art, love the atmosphere. Would be a really cool setting for a fast-paced melee-based combat game.

Or an RPG! :)

I enjoyed this game, the feeling was lonely and the atmosphere tense, I kept awaiting a jump scare!

Quite a depressing game, but I love the visuals, sound, and message to it. This kind of hellscape is one of my favorite environments to conceptualize, so it is just a pleasure to see one here. It makes me think about the afterlife.


The game looks interesting, but having AI generated "art" as the cover of the game is weird ngl.

Don't mind the title

Interesting , Cinematic & Creepy walking sim. and great storytelling.

I found the Black Sphere on the white horizon. Any chance we can learn what the audio is from?

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It's from heavens gate. A religious cult. I don't know a lot about it but when I looked up some of the phrases the black spere said it was word for word what is said here.



loved the style of the game and the dante influence on it, very interesting and creative :)

A very Surreal neat experience well done KIRA. 

Artistico e interesante 👍

Y           E            S

Very Beautiful n Interesting Experience.

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