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This was just oozing creepiness throughout, from the amazing atmosphere to the random events that occured. I'm glad I went back and got all the dandelions. 

I loved the atmosphere and feel of this game, along with the surprise appearances and questions that I had after finding both endings. Great job! 

Made a video

Great environment, deliciously eerie atmosphere. Also, the sound design was awesome!

Thanks! I'll relay the sound design praise over to Jarren.

this was a very interesting game i was able to get both endings!! But I was wonder what about the graveyard I felt like something happens there? This is the first time playing one of your games!

Thanks for playing! I just put a reversed sound file in the center of the graveyard, it's not really important.

I really enjoyed The Undying Beast, well done Kira!


My thoughts from this would be that I myself am the beast, I find myself at the end there and that whatever I do to others, those actions of mine only harm me in the end. Since there were dead animals with wounds, I'd assume they were killed, not just dead from natural causes, then I'd think that the game might imply that humanity is the undying beast. I'm not sure if the game shows any evidence to support whether this is about one person or just humans in general, I still like that it is left for interpretation or more playthroughs to uncover the story here.

I played 3 times, I saw a lot of new things on my 2nd play and even more on the 3rd, and I managed to get the 2nd ending on the third go and it makes me wonder what that means, since the grave is open but the flower is already growing there, maybe that's the ending where I actually don't "accept death" like it said in the menu. Or someone dug me out.

I might be completely wrong about any of this but I wanted to share my thoughts since games from Kira always have something hidden deeper in them.

Gave me a little spook with that horsie, otherwise, confusing, as to be expected from you (A bit)

so good

Awesome game it was really entertaining

Your games are a treasure

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