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A cosmic entity from beyond space time pulls the galaxy into turmoil!

In this advanced 2D graphics driven game you pilot a small star fighter and wage war with S.I.N. a being from another dimension. Blast, bomb and warp your way through 7 insane levels of terror.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, akumakira, Arcade, Horror, sin, Space


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neat game inspired by sinistar. i like the vibe of it overall, although i didnt get far enough to figure out how to win. 

I love this game visually so far!

Game play wise though, I'm kinda at a loss.

No matter how much I fire at S.I.N. it never seems to take damage, meanwhile it just comes flying in at 1000mph and insta kills me. I tried focusing on minions but that doesn't seem to change anything, and neither does "ASK FOR HELP" when I do get killed.

It's a really cool design and very creepy aesthetic of a game, but I'm getting board and annoyed flying aimlessly until I die. What am I doing wrong?

The game is impossible without the cheat that you enter on the dead screen and you must also accept help to defeat it.

Thank you for the reply! Good to know it was literally impossible and not just me being bad at the game. I tried entering the cheat but I did not do so on the dead screen, thank you for letting me know! =)

What's the dead screen look like? I've tried the code on both the 'gameover' screen and the screen you get in between respawns, but I haven't seen any noticeable gameplay changes.

I'm having a little trouble making heads or tails of the code posted on the back, where do I use it?

I have the same question. Got the code, but can't make it work in game.

You use it on the dead screen.

killer box art design! (: also game has some rad style, based on the screenshots...

unfortunately, i only got as far as a small splash image and then a black screen... had to force close the app, it never seemed to load or run properly, but keep me posted if something changes cuz i'd still like to play it!

The only thing that would cause it not to fully load is an antivirus stopping it. It should begin fine on Windows 7 - 10, 32 and 64 bit. Sometimes Avast will stop it.

i do not have Avast. i did disable AVG antivirus but there was no improvement. so you know, i'm running Win7 64. i did also try to disable my windows firewall, even though it hadn't notified me that it was blocking your app. still no fix found.

to recap: the splash shows for a moment and then the screen goes black and i can see that an app named 88032.exe is running in the background... it doesn't seem to be frozen as it doesn't show Not Responding. my mouse cursor over the black screen app shows the blue wheel of infinite waiting, so i guess it's doing something.

Just tested on Windows 10 and 7, 64 bit. It originally was stopped by Windows Defender for being an "unrecognized program" but then showed the splash screen for half a second and then loaded and played fine. I didn't have any firewall or other windows programs interfere with it. 88032.exe is not related to this game and only SIN.exe is. If the splash screen goes away then all assets are done loading and there should be no more delays. Sorry I can't seem to replicate or find the cause of this error.