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Ok, please help. I reached the damn big worm boss part where the game messes with you by not letting you continue. Well, I did get into the new discussion with the shrink or whatever that is, but I thought I can kill the boss, so I F4ed out of the game and wanted to try it again. Now I cannot continue, and New Game actually...starts a new game. I really don't want to play it all over. Any suggestions?

Where are even the save files?

Ok, I replayed it and finished the game even though I didn't really want to. Got the ending where I climb a bunch of ladders and leave the dog behind. Before that, I was trying the other route and died, I just wanted to see where this would lead me. Shame. So what is New Game+?

Sorry for the confusion. That boss is un-killable in the main mode and you have to click new game or continue at the gameover screen to progress with a different text opening. This is just a fake out, where the game is intentionally hard and then makes you think it's deleted your save.

No, it's a cool tactic, but by forcefully leaving the game, I got myself stuck, unable to load the game. But I replayed it all, so it's all good. :)

The game is really awesome when it comes to making you feel claustrophobic, confined, and constantly in danger. The music, the audio, and the ambiance are brilliant.  It's a rare game that managed to scare the crap out of me, which is something that I haven't experienced in a long time. I just wish I could like...reload certain save games and try out different endings instead of having to replay every time.


Just finished. 

Amazing environments. Great enemy design. Fantastic sound design (and atmosphere all around). Fun little fourth wall breaking moments. Really actually gut wrenching, scream inducing scares. Combat was a bit stiff, but it felt appropriate for a survival/psychological horror, though at the same time ammunition might've been -too- plentiful. 

The design of the shotgun was VERY interesting and subverting. 

The apple puzzle was.. Kind of ridiculous. I don't know if I did something wrong or not, but the solution was completely nonsensical and took me the better part of half an hour to solve. 

I really enjoyed the way the story was going.. until the end. I really feel like a lot of the loose ends were left COMPLETELY resolved, whether I was missing notes or not reading into things enough (I admittably didn't find tapes 1 or 3). And more importantly, I found the ending to be just.. Unsatisfying and boring. 

When presented with what I figured was a morality choice at the end (though I'm not sure about whether or not this was a decision that would affect the ending), I chose what I figured was the good ending. And after a little bit more atmospheric tension, the game just ended. Kind of lamely at that, without any real gratification. 

Again, I'm not sure if I missed anything that would've contributed to a more satisfying ending. But in the end, after all the pretty good game.. I just feel a little unfulfilled. :/ 

Nonetheless, great great game. The experience that lead me to the end was more than enough to make up for the ending, in my opinion. Had me really scared a LOT of times, although, frustrated a few times too. Amazingly made game.

Good job, Kira. <3 

Thanks! Can I ask which ending you got? Because some are a little more fufilling than others but I also agree they just kinda show up and end the game.

OK, so, spoilers here so don't read if you.. aren't the developer or haven't finished.








OK. I reached the room with the ladder leading to light, and the hole in the wall with Dina(?) barking. So of course I went in the hole and fought all the giant roaches, then ended up in the disturbing Hell tunnels with the floating chest-hole and swollen head boys. After navigating this I finally reached a new room that seemed normal enough. A door leading one way, a ladder leading to the surface. I climbed up and the dog was just waiting for me. It was sunny and bright and I pet it.. and the screen faded to white. The ending text was something like, "I escaped that hell" so on and so forth.. To be honest, I was kinda pissed off and skimmed it.

I know it's in survival horror nature, but I don't really want to replay the game to seek out more endings. 

Yes well that is the good ending. I'm sorry it's kind of un-fulfilling. The bad ending and 1 other don't include that last chest-hole bois, so that's what I thought you had gotten. I'm not the best at making endings.

So, is the bit where your data is erased actually intentional, because i cannot continue and new game actually booted a new game. And a video i watched had the game continue as normal after they pressed new game. 

If the intent was to erase save data in order to make something more harrowing, the only thing this did for me was be annoying and waste a lot of time. 

It doesn't actually erase any data. If you start a new game you'll notice the opening text is different and you will continue from where you let off.

That's the thing, for some reason I had the same text and i started with the dog again. This was the situation:

The game crashed on the game over screen, then i changed the graphics to "stylized" from "low", then I couldn't continue, and my new game actually started a new game.   And this happened after that save point, so i thought it'd have something to do with it, my bad.  

One of the users, Deviantel seemed to have a similar issue, where he F4'ed out of the game after that save point and either corrupted or erased his save. And I crashed out of the game at that point and had the same thing happen to my save data. 

I think the games great , plenty of spooks, i was just salty when i thought the game was making me replay the whole thing over. 

Hopefully it doesn't happen again though, and i can finish it, thanks for reading comments and making an otherwise awesome game.

This sequence definitely needs some precautions to prevent cases where save data is actually lost. It seems,

  • Force quitting/crashing the game before going to game over screen doesn't trigger modified new game sequence
  • Also you really need to save after clicking new game and game spawns you in the save room. If you forget and die, you cant hit continue and new game will actually start a new game.

I'll have to make sure it saves automatically there. I'm fairly sure I disabled the quit button on the main menu during this sequence but I didn't think people would force quit.

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I lost my save to this very bug. I'm so fucking pissed right now. Can I get a save file file for the save point after the giant leech part? Otherwise, I'm going to request for a refund. Just did a "hate speedrun" to get back to that point. How frustrating. The 2nd time I noticed the "save deleted" message on the screen. I suggest that after this part and people quit, make the title screen slightly different to indicate that some kind of mind-fuckery is afoot.

Hey uh so I finished the game, and I've got to say it was pretty amazing. The enviroments are incredibly expressive, with each level having its own brand of spooky and the enemy designs are fucking terrible (in a good way). I had a hard time dealing the with the rat bois. The story, while light, had a good punch to it. Overall, this game was pretty spectacular, and I would definately reccomend it fam. Great job Kira! <3


hey am suck at a part where I grab the  baby and teleport to railway and a train head  towards me and disappear and am suck at the railway. I wait and nothing happen , is it glitch?

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I'm having the same problem too. I have no idea why it's like this. Was there supposed to be a hint in the note before the looping path? Well, I tried everything and I end up trying to fight the giant worm creature, in the "ugly" path, only to die every time. Then get locked at the game over screen.


every time I die or not go to the next level I have to restart my computer


What i do is alt-tab out of the game and close it when it soft locks. This is a bit ridiculous. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a bug. It's possible that we are both just missing a vital hint in the note... but it doesn't really seem to go in any particular order. Maybe I'll try again and follow the note more closely.


ok thank you. I try it again, tell me if you got out to the next level  am lost

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Darn it, I couldn't figure it out still. It's very confusing. Those two pictures next to the two pathways actually do sort of match what's going on in the note. But after a certain point I get confused. I ended up fighting the big creature and dying, getting soft locked at the game over screen. I was able to glitch it out and I hit it so many times. It can't die. So it's obvious you're not supposed to encounter that thing. You are probablly supposed to do something once you reach the creepy baby thing. But I tried all 3 options with it and I still got soft locked in the subway tunnel.

Got my backer code today and... woooooo, total freak-out so far.  Well done, sir! Is there 2D art of the cover I can use in my review?

Awesome to see it release. When will it release on Steam?

It will be released on the 30th

Thank you for the reply.

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Having the same problem, and can't save either :/

Is the physical copy only available for Kickstarter backers? Or might there be an option for latecomers to get a physical copy?

Sorry I only made 10 cases. I didn't use a company so I can't really order more.

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Not a problem, thank you for replying. I hope the sales go well...

Hey, if you ever feel like taking orders for some more in the future, I know some horrible magpie people that go crazy to have cases like this on their shelves.

It only says i can pay with USD. how can i pay with British pounds? does it do it automatically or is there something i need to change on my account?

It should convert automatically but honestly I don't know the process.

How can i download this?

Lost in Vivo will be available starting 10/20/18

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