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College JAM takes place in the killer future of 198X when a mysterious meteor crashes on earth. It's time to SLAM!

Originally made for GameJolt's BadBoxArt Jam, College Slam is 6 level runner game where you must escape several colleges. 

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tags16-bit, akuma-kira, Arcade, basketball, Comedy


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This game is frikken amazing. Seriously. Ridiculously fun, absolutely awesome soundtrack, and somehow managing to draw me into hours of gameplay without realising it. The cows are a nice touch too.

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Well... First try:


This was already an awesome, hilarious, and pretty fun game. 

Then I discovered the hidden characters and this became the greatest game of all time!

I have never had a game run this poorly on my computer. I have no idea why, but this runs at around ONE frame per second on my pc (except for the flashing text on the character select screen, for some reason). I've tried running it in compatibility mode multiple times with different settings, but it does absolutely nothing to improve the framerate. The audio seems to work fine, but it's totally unplayable. I can run Dead Cells and Hollow Knight perfectly fine, so I can't wrap my head around what could possibly be the issue.

Sometimes Windows limits the ram usage of games made with gamemaker. The only solution I've found is to restart the computer.


It's because games made with older versions of GMS don't run properly on Win10. There is a fix called "gm8x_fix" for running Gamemaker 8 games properly and another one that I use called "melatonin" that fixes problems with all GMS games in my experience. Not sure how easy it will be for you to find them though as I got them through the "I Wanna Community" Discord.

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Really? Thank you!!!
I honestly really appreciate that you took the time to write that reply even though my original post was 266 days old. I know I've encountered that same issue with other games too (I think the original Momodora game from 2010 was one of them), so that info will certainly still be extremely helpful for me! Thank you!

Edit: I'm really good at google searching, and despite using special operators and syntax I literally cannot find anything GMS related by the name of "melatonin", so I guess I'll try the Discord.


If you can't find it let me know and I'll put it up on anonfiles or something. Just make sure you follow the directions included in the text file because the tools aren't exactly foolproof and can be a bit specific, but what matters is they work.

Come on and slam...

Made a video