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Basilisk is an unfinished RPG for the Super Nintendo, now mostly stable and playable through the very old SNESy+ Emulator. You play as a noble Knight from the old Kingdom, sent down to solve the famine.

Controls are written in the options dropdown box.

This game is not an actually a snes game or emulator, but is styled as such. No illicit materials or copyright infringement was made in it's creation.
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Tags3D, Horror, Retro


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This is stellar, but you have to go in blind and be patient, observant, and methodical to make any real progress - expect to know nothing and understand nothing and leave with nothing but a sense of uneasiness even when you're done because...

...it's also a two-parter: you NEED the other related title in order to get the FULL experience and to make sense of the entire thing (check the creator's page for, "Basilisk - 2000"). I know the addendum isn't free, but it's NECESSARY for the full experience, I'm serious.

It'll be the best $3 you've ever spent, and you'll get 6-8 hours out of it if not more.


Is anything supposed to happen at the beginning or is it just a walking simulator in a dark forest with retro graphic ? I kept walking and waiting before giving up. Too bizarre, Too boring. 

It's a weird analog horror game, very bizarre indeed. If actually playing it is too boring for you, there are a couple videos on YouTube explaining it. :)
(Also, there's a second part that's paid, but it's probably even more boring if you don't get it lol.)


The only thing I have to say is "poopy head"


really interesting experience


Обновления ещё будут ?


Was pretty fun, thanks for the game :)


i had to use save states to change levels i couldn't figure out how to get out of the first area without save states 


I think that was on purpose.

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This seems very... strange. Is this some kind of an ARG or something?

UPDATE: Okay there's DEFINITELY something going on here. Was wandering around in one of the Save States (I think it was 1 or 4?) , and found one of those old-school computers. It made a bunch of beeps, which I think were morse code.

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Very bizarre that you deleted the other conversation about Super Castlevania IV being hidden in the .smc.

Edit: The average Itchio user has an IQ of about 4.

Good games are creepy


I enjoyed this a lot. It was different and there is something incredibly creepy about unfinished horror games. Great work! 

To say the truth, I dunno what I was thinking trying to stuff the '.smc' file into 'another' emulator...

That said, fricking awesome. It does bring back memories of trying unknown games and trying to figure out where to go without manuals or prompts. The save states are  a cool feature.

I wonder if it's an FX Chip game or uses mode7 heavily...


Awesome game and good job dev on coming up with this idea, it was a very cool experience. -> 


KIRA makes game, I love KIRA game :) seriously this was pretty creepy without much context

Unfinished Playthrough (No Commentary) 


Made a video


Gave it a 'somewhat short' Let's Play, can tell either its 'Literally incomplete' or, 'Lore-wise' is incomplete and I'm just scratching the surface of what this is meant to be, curious as I am.

Cute concept. Main thing that took me out of it a bit is the turning speed. I also kinda expected Z or X to be the interact button since that's what I was used to on old SNES emulators. Other than that, though, the idea of a fake emulator loading up ROMs is pretty neat.

I very much enjoyed this experience.


Do you mind if I make a discord server for this game? It appears there is more than meets the eye, pun not intended but welcomed.


No I don't mind, but you're also welcome to discuss it here: https://discord.com/invite/kira-llc


😤 awesome


lets fucking go




oh yes