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Explore an unfished RPG through it's level editor.

The spiritual successor to the unreleased Super Nintendo game Basilisk. This project seemed far more ambitious but somehow almost became lost media.

Developed around Y2K by an unknown studio, the game was thought to be lost until a fan designed a wrapper program in Unity to load the it's level editor. Now the potential can finally be seen and it's mysteries laid to rest.

Much of this game is hidden and will be hard to discover on your own, here is my official discord server where you can connect with others and share what you've found; https://discord.com/servers/kira-llc-548363665934647298

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GenreRole Playing


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Hey KIRA! I am just starting on Basilisk 2000, but watched some vids and its incredible! I wanted to say I don't have twitter, but saw that you posted about the Bangor Subway tunnel and my jaw dropped! I live 2 minutes away from that subway at the airport mall, and go there frequently. Sucks the airport mall is 90% empty storefronts now. I had no idea you visit Bangor Maine, hopefully I see you around sometime, I do research at uMaine at orono. Thanks for the games, btw.

this is awesome


One of the best games I've ever played. The concept of playing the game through the DevTool itself was executed extremely well and I am surprised that more games like this haven't been made. Piecing together what happens inside the actual game and real life is a blast. There are also some frankly jaw dropping moments, both from the horror elements and some of the subversive content within it. The only criticism I have is the hall of skeletons, as it breaks immersion early on and is said to be an easter egg only. Overall fantastic game and I hope to see more games utilize this concept. 


So i played it once then got a warning form my anitvirus that it has some generic thing that was blocked and now i cant extract the file is says i need permissions to do so and it wont give me the executable


I hope more games in this "gamedev meta" genre come along thanks to the genious work Kira put up here. Outstanding. A masterclass, tbh. Had insane fun piecing everything together, discovering, getting lost, finding answers in discord and experiencing everything. One of my favorites from now on.

  • To shed old skin, to gleam anew in fresh violence and terror. The resident sought material, gradually accumulating from transients. The skin of one, the bones of another, one twisted arm, one broken leg...

I really want to read the rest :C


This is one of the best games i've ever played.


A very cool game, I was very surprised how well down the concept was. Some of the puzzles to find the hidden locations are a bit cryptic and I resorted to using the internet. the final office location was pretty mind blowing. Good job. Look forward to playing Lunacid.




Super juegos me encanta


Kind of sad it's impossible to play this game in Russia, due to the fact that Russian cards are not supported by itch.io, so it's physically impossible to buy and play the game.


yeah, that's lame as heck. i guess it's still possible to ask a friend that has bought a game to share it with you, but you still need a friend for that

I can share with you if that’s not a problem for anyone. Bought it yesterday and it’s incredibly cool :)


As a person over thirty, nothing takes me out of these "found footage" horror games quite like when a project pretends that the SNES could run a game that had Playstation 1 graphics. Why? What do you gain by getting a detail this significant wrong by a whole console generation? 

Yes, the SNES had Mode 7 graphics which allowed for some limited 3D effects, including scaling and rotation of sprites, and later on, the SuperFX chip, which allowed for a small number of flatshaded polygons. It absolutely did not have bloom, 3D shadows... no lighting of any sort, really. 

The most it ever got used for was flat 2D maps viewed from a 3D angle like in Chrono Trigger, or flat-shaded full 3D games leveraging the Super FX chip like Starfox.

You would never, ever see a SNES game with fully-textured 3D models like this. That's a PS1 thing. The N64 would later add gourad shading and texture interpolation. Then the PS2 tied it all together with larger texture sizes and better lighting and interpolation. At some point, Doom 3 on PC introduced the concept of normal maps, and from then on graphics were basically a solved problem, and the console wars became mostly all about optimization, middleware, content, and more powerful hardware, rather than any visible innovation in graphics display techniques.

Not everybody is old enough to remember this history, but googling it is not hard.

Seriously, why not just call it a Playstation game!? I get that older technology = scarier, but you can get in that general ball park without committing to full-on anachronism. I feel like I was just watching a movie and I saw a Roman centurion wearing a wristwatch.


This isn't supposed to be an SNES game. "spiritual successor to the unreleased Super Nintendo game Basilisk". Nowhere does it say this specifically is supposed to be one.

Not sure if maybe you just left a review on the wrong game or not, but the "SNES" game is over here. I think it's better to leave your review there instead, since it's not related to this specific game at all.

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Wait, so the "unreleased super nintendo game" wasn't part of the "found game" lore? That is to say, the idea of Basilisk being a game that was started and then not released isn't a part of the backstory they made up for Basilisk 2000?

I'm so confused. I thought the core concept of Basilisk 2000 is a haunted rom of an unfinished game that we, the players, are picking through to get spooped by the ghost or whatever. I thought the text description of the game on this site was ARG-style backstory. 

I guess you're telling me it's meant to be literal? Basilisk 2000 is sincerely meant to be a "spiritual successor" to a game that never came out in the first place? What does that even mean?

Edit: No, wait. Now that I've read the description of the original Basilisk, I can see that it actually is what I thought the description of Basilisk 2000 was saying it was. I think the real problem is just that it says "snes" in the description. It's a red herring, and it's not supersceded by anything later on the page.

Granted, I read the description wrongly. That much is clear. But even re-reading it now, it comes across as really vague. It's not always clear whether the phrase "the game" refers Basilisk or Basilisk 2000. I came along (and hadn't previously heard of either game) and thought Basilisk 2000 was purporting itself to be a Unity wrapper for Basilisk.

It's just a big linguistic mess of a description. There's two real games about two fake games, and they drop a phrase like "the game," apparently trying to compare the new real game to the old real game couched in a framing device of describing how the new fake game relates to the old fake game??? and now I've gone cross-eyed.


Lil dude is over here talking to walls lol.


He NEVER said it was a SNES game.

He said that this is a "SPIRITUAL SUCCESOR" to a SNES game.

It does not need to be made for the same console as the original,

just like doom eternal does not need to be made for the DOS system.

Like a sequel,

it improves by upgrades to hardware,

which is realistic.

Games in the real world evolve with the hardware.

So lets all chill out,



As a person over thirty, this person does not represent our generation's point of view. Great game.


you'd think a person over thirty would have basic reading comprehension skills


Does anyone know if this can be run with proton on linux?


Seems to be working just fine through proton here !


This is a serious title with serious effort put behind it - and the execution matches the effort, perhaps even exceeding it. It REQUIRES patience, curiousity, and an unending hunger for eyes knowledge and understanding of what this even is, but it rewards you in spades for it.

You NEED the previous effort, though, to get the full experience, and you need to play them in order: search for "Basilisk" on the creators page to get the entire thing working.

Go in BLIND - even me writing this and telling you what to expect and what to get feels like too much as-is. Seriously, DON'T do yourself a disservice by looking anything up about this game - enjoy it, and enjoy it thoroughly.

And take notes.


Wait, so do you actually have the rights to sell the game? Not sure if the Description should be taken literally or not. 😐


This should be looked in to.


I think a quick googling session might benefit you.


Basilisk is a game that Kira made that he pretends to be an unfinished SNES game, you can see that in his catalogue


wowwwww that was incredible holy crap. Wow. I had to look at some youtube videos a couple times, and I did NOT figure out the snake medallion hint haha which is now so obvious.... but goddamn what an incredible game. I'm sure I missed stuff but seriously just...really amazing. The atmosphere, the way its designed, everything is just excellent.




What a fantastic idea!


This was totally worth the $2.

Still waiting for more Lunacid tho.


A fun and fascinating concept. 


very good shit brother


I spent hours with my partner finding everything there is to find, and now we're spending hours talking about it. It's amazing, cheap, and really immersive


i mean, this is just awesome


This is one of the best rabbithole-style game ever! You are an inspiration to all of us, Kira!


you did it again, amazing.


Can't wait to play this! I absolutely love your games Kira, you're a big inspiration for me.


Absolutely insane, some of your best work yet. 


holy shit new KIRA game